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At Best Painting Parties, we organize for you fun-filled events where the colorful world of art is the theme. You can surprise your friends and family by inviting them to an unusual party where they can try something they might have never tried before, painting. Our studio in Henderson is perfectly suited for events like these and we have them 10 to 15 times a month. You can hold any kind of party you like, from a birthday party, to bridal and baby showers or simply, fun get togethers. What’s more fun is that you can add the BYOB twist to the party. Invite your guests to carry along their favorite bottle of wine to share around.

When your guests arrive, they will be pleasantly amazed to see a unique party setting where there are chairs and tables with easels and canvases. They will be invited to take their seats as the instructor explains what they will be doing this evening over the audio system. A large display monitor will enlarge the painting you have chosen in advance so your guests will be able to see the minute details of the artwork. Our expert instructors personally guide them through the initial art lessons of replicating it on each canvas. Some of your friends might be hesitant at first but a few sips from the many kinds of wine served around, and you’ll soon see them laughing and enjoying themselves.

Watch your friends and family members good naturedly ribbing each other on their efforts and offering tips and ideas along with painting lessons of their own. You will enjoy the silly competitions that they might have as they each try to outdo the other. Do remember that we will be providing all the equipment your guests will need including acrylics, brushes of different sizes, water, napkins, etc. You need not be concerned with any of the arrangements and will yourself be a guest at your own party. So get set to enjoy an exciting evening of fun and games.

The wonderful event you hold will be remembered for a long while afterwards and your guests will be able to take home mementos of it. So you see, they will have lovely pieces of art that they have created themselves and are proud to display in their homes.

Would you like to know more? Do contact us at Best Painting Parties and we will let you know how these parties work. Call us today at 702-703-5456.

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