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Having a date with your partner, whether you’re married or not, is an exciting, exhilarating experience. This is the time when you spend some very intimate moments with your loved one in complete privacy, giving each other your complete attention and love. And to have the perfect date, you need the perfect setting where you can share your feelings and build bonds for a lifetime of togetherness.

At Best Painting Parties, we have one such perfect setting for you. Join us at our new studio at Henderson for that very special summer evening where you will be sipping drinks and spending loving moments together. And there’s more? Along with some great food and drinks, you will be painting a diptych. Are you thinking, “A painting party on my date? Will that work?” It will, because you see, art is an amazing form of self-expression and colors bring tranquility to you. You will find your personality blossoming and even as you handle the brush along with your partner, you will form a rare connection that is based on a mutual love for art.

You and your partner will be creating two parts of a single picture. For starters, you will work on your section of the canvas and your partner will work on his or hers. Our expert instructors will be there with you, guiding and providing instructions, discreetly. You will find that your hesitations and nervousness are slipping away and you will be able to talk about just anything under the sun. At the end of the evening, we will join the coordinated parts of the picture on a hinged frame that can also be folded like a book. And you have a wonderful memento of a lovely evening together. Think of it as two distinct personalities coming together to form a union of souls.

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it? It truly is. So contact us at Best Painting Parties and let us talk to you some more about this incredibly unique idea of a painting party date, a fantastic experience you will remember and cherish all your life.

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