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What is your idea of a perfect evening or the perfect date with your loved one? Scented candles, fine wine, soft music, roses, a cozy romantic location like under the open skies with the stars twinkling down on you. And of course, lots of conversation when you open your heart out to one another while the evening weaves a spell of enchantment around you.


At Best Painting Parties, we could add a little something extra to the most amazing of date nights. How about a painting party amidst all the romance? Before you go, “Huh! Really?” let me explain… We regularly host public painting parties which are great social events, which are great ways of spending a date night together enjoying the ambiance of one of our many partnering venues, having a few drinks, and learning how to paint with a professional fine artist, wonderful with all painting techniques and can direct you to create a unique expression of your love for one another, by painting the diptych.


A diptych is a form of art that has been around since the time of the Greeks and Romans and the term diptych is taken from the Greek words “di” which means two and “ptyche” which means to fold. The early forms of the art used two plates that were joined together with a hinge and could later be folded like a book. Paintings, etchings, relief carvings and other forms of art were depicted on the two leaves.


At your painting party, you and your date will be creating a diptych and each of you, under the expert guidance of Sarah, will paint your side of the double canvases. You can create your own rendition of this amazing form of art based upon the painting of the evening, and we will arrange for all the equipment you will need such as easels, canvases, acrylics, napkins and water.


Contact us today at Best Painting Parties and revel in the unbelievably wonderful evening we can arrange for you.

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