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Children’s Birthday Painting Parties


Does your child have an upcoming birthday? Congratulations!! Have you thought of the perfect way of celebrating it? How about the theme of the party? If you haven’t, we have a fantastic party idea for you! Check out our Kids Birthday Painting Parties.


Painting is one activity that kids absolutely adore because they are allowed to play around with their favorite colors and create beautiful pieces that come straight from their very fresh, youthful imaginations. It is also a great way to let your child bond with all the young people who will be attending the party. Watch their nimble fingers race over the canvas and you might just discover a hidden master behind all those happy, excited smiles.


You can have the painting party at home or at one of our several partnering restaurants. All you need to do is let us know about the number of little guests you’ll be having and choose a painting from our fabulous gallery. We provide all supplies for the event such as easels, canvases, colors, brushes, as well as audio visual equipment so everyone can hear the instruction and see the reference piece.


Above all, our owner and expert artist, Sarah Tiffany King will be present at the event to guide those receptive little minds. She is great with children and is trained in imparting painting techniques in simple easy-to-follow steps. Your child and all your guests will enjoy her company and the enthusiasm she infuses into the artwork around her.


Having a painting party is an interesting activity for a birthday party where kids will have mementoes to take home that they created themselves. And the best part? Your guests will be hanging up their paintings like prized possessions. Some may even further develop this wonderful talent they have just discovered. Learn more about Sarah King’s private art school here.


So, without any further delay, contact us at Best Painting Parties and we will talk to you about making all the necessary arrangements. Use our exciting ideas to have a memorable birthday party for your little one where there will be colors, fun, laughter and the possibility of making lots of new friends. And did we mention? Adults are welcome to participate too and join in in having fun at a painting party with us!







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