Mother’s Day Painting Party

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With the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day, just around the corner, have you thought about how you’re going to make this day special for your Mom. We would suggest something that is absolutely new and exciting. A painting party!!

Mother’s Day is a fond festival that is celebrated all over the world and all kids, young and grown-up, use this occasion to show their mothers how much they love them. They also express their appreciation for the sacrifices mothers make for their kids, sleep being only one of them. But have you ever wondered about the origins of this festival? It will interest you to know that the Romans and Greeks celebrated Mother’s Day long before the birth of Christ. And today, millions of people in 46 countries celebrate it all round the world, though on different dates. The festival first came to be held in America, thanks to the efforts of Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis.


The painting party you have with us at Best Painting Parties will be a warm, fun-filled event designed to make your Mom feel absolutely special. We are hosting a special Mothers Day themed event at our Studio! Bring Mom, and paint together! We will get to work making all the arrangements for a fabulous afternoon of Art, colors and beauty.

You can invite your close family members along with the star of the show, your Mom. Plan it as a surprise and you will be happy to see your Mom overwhelmed with joy and excitement at the unique way in which you’re celebrating her very special day. Watch her take up the paintbrush and if she has never tried painting before, you might just discover that she has had the aptitude all this time but never really realized it. Thinking of the perfect gift for your Mom? How about our VIP Artist Card? This card will allow your Mom to accrue stars and later attend our public and private painting parties where she can meet and make friends with lots of like-minded people.


Contact us at Best Painting Parties, and book a fabulous evening your Mom will remember all her life. And did we mention? She will have a lovely memento of the evening which she has created herself at your painting party.

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