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At Best Painting Parties, we would like to say a special “Thank you!” to all of our patrons for the resounding response you have given to the painting parties we brought you. In the past weeks, we are receiving more and more requests for arranging them. And, we are enjoying putting them together for you because we love that you are discovering your creative side and willing to pursue it further. By bringing art to you, we are helping realize our owner, Sarah Tiffany King’s dream of developing the creative arts in Las Vegas.

Accordingly, as you are aware, we are trying our best to streamline the process of your booking the event. And, our three-step program was created with just that intention in mind. But, now, we have an exciting new option. You can choose and book an event by logging onto our website from your phone!

We have added all the detailed information we could think of along with more gallery options (Yes, we actually have more than 200 creations that you can try to replicate). We also have a new and improved calendar interface to make choosing a convenient date more simple. You could also check for the listings of our partnering venues and pick the one that is best accessible to you and your guests. Isn’t that awesome?

The next time you need to plan for a painting party, you only need to pick up your phone and all the relevant information is at your fingertips. Click a few buttons and you will have booked a fun event for your friends and family with absolutely no planning issues at all. Because at Best Painting Parties, we take care of all the arrangements for you. The only important decisions you’ll have to make is to pick a painting you think your guests would like to try their hand at and perhaps, choose the menu for the party.

Sounds exciting? Pick up your phone and check it out. Right now!

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