Not Lost in Translation… The Benefits Of Art For Everyone!

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Best Painting Parties was pleased to host an private event for a lovely group of English as a Second Language (ESL) students today! We chose an intriguing piece, and students from all around the world joined. As we shared a few bottles of wine and discussed the intricacies of the painting we were working on, it was a pleasure to see all of the students working so intently on their respective artworks, all similar, yet all different.

John ESL Class 2

Hosted with their English teacher John, we spent several hours communicating through the arts, enjoying each others company and working towards our common goal of completing our artworks!

Although English was not everyone’s first language, we spoke together, and they recieved my instructions very well. Everyone left with a really vibrant artwork that they could be proud of!

Here is a link to the images on our Facebook page:

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