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Thinking of having a Painting Party? So what’s the first image that comes to your mind? Fun, laughter, great food and wine, your guests mingling and having a great time. Some of the people interacting for the first time so there are lots of introductions and welcoming moments into the family or friends circle. Above all, there is an atmosphere of affection and building bonds that will last a lifetime.


Here’s how it works. You can have a painting party where the only organizing you’ll be doing is drawing up a guest list and working out who you’re going to invite. And there will be a few minor details you need to make decisions about. For instance, you will need to choose the venue. At Best Painting Parties, we have partnered with several restaurants and bars all across Henderson and Las Vegas along with our wonderful Studio in Henderson. So, you can pick out the one that your guests can access easily. These venues have been specially designed keeping painting parties in mind. We will invite you to review our extensive gallery and choose a reference painting that you think your guests can paint easily. And you’re set!


Arrive at the painting party venue and just prepare to welcome your guests. Even as you watch the surprise and delight on the faces of your guests, you’ll know you’ve had the best idea ever. Our equipment is all arranged with the tables and chairs; and all the art supplies you and your guests will need. We also set up a huge monitor with the display painting and audio equipment so everyone can hear the professional Art instruction. And did we mention? We will have a team of expert artists standing by to offer instruction and encouragement to all the aspiring artists. Between sips of wine that will help your friends and family members lose their hesitation, you will be listening to light-hearted and silly comments on each other’s artistic skills. You might even catch surprised expressions of appreciation as the hidden talents of some of your guests are discovered for the first time.


After the art session, your guests can enjoy the delicious spread put together by the expert chefs of our partnering venues. See off your guests after the painting party with gifts of their self-created mementos and you will have established yourself as the most successful party hostess ever. Make all this happen with us at Best Painting Parties. And may we remind you? Our public painting events are organized 3 to 5 times per week, both at our Studio as well as our partnering venues. Interested in hosting a private Painting Party? You can choose any date and time that suits you! Contact us to help you throw a fun-filled, exciting painting party.

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