Painting Parties at Baby Showers, Keepsakes Created With the Theme of the Child

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All over the world, across different cultures, it is customary for friends and family members to get together and bring gifts for the expectant mother. These gifts include baby clothes, diapers, baby toiletries and other items the mother will need to care for the baby. But have you ever wondered about the origin of the term, “baby shower”? In Victorian times, all these gifts, the lighter ones of course, were filled into a parasol that was then opened above the mother. Hence, the “shower.” Another important factor, a close friend takes it upon herself to arrange for one for the coming baby.


If you have a friend who is soon going to have her bundle of joy, you’re probably thinking of the best way to celebrate her impending motherhood. We have a very innovative suggestion for you. That of having a painting party. Will it work? Oh, absolutely!! We have several venues that we partner with where you can hold the shower. Of course, if you have a venue in mind like your home or maybe your backyard or any other, that’s perfect too. All you need to do is arrange for tables and chairs, and make sure there’s enough space for your guests.


We will arrive well before time to set up all the equipment and supplies complete with canvases, bright, fun acrylic paints, water, napkins, brushes and everything else your guests might need. You only have to be at the door to welcome them and enjoy the looks of surprise and delight when they learn of the awesome idea of your private painting party. You will have selected a baby-themed painting from our fabulous gallery and we will display it on a large monitor. Our instructor will be present on site to get your guests started on all the fun and assist first-time artists in their efforts.


While baby showers are meant for the women friends and families of the mother-to-be, some cultures have a “wetting the baby’s head” event for expectant fathers in which the father’s friends get together to celebrate by having a few drinks. In keeping with this custom, we would suggest an interesting variation. How about inviting the baby’s father to the painting party and getting him to try his hand at art?


Let’s try something more. We have this form of art that we like to get couples to create that is called a diptych. Two complimentary panels are created by both expectant parents that are later joined together in the center. This piece of art will serve as a fond memento which the proud parents can one day show their child when he/she is grown up. Can you imagine the lasting joy it can bring?


And of course, all of your guests at the painting party will have mementos of their own to take home. Proud reminders of an afternoon of art and fun with lots of the blessings and good wishes for the new member of the family coming into this world. Contact us at Best Painting Parties and make it happen.


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