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When you choose to book a painting party with Best Painting Parties, you are choosing an educational and interactive event that will stimulate the senses! All of our events are educational. You are learning from a professional fine artist, with over two decades of painting experience. Learning the tips and tricks of a pro will enable you to create fabulous artworks, even if you do not have any painting experience. sarah tiffany king painting

The owner and artist will guide you step by step, from how to hold the brushes, the best ways of blending colors together to achieve the perfect color that you are going for, and how to manipulate the paint perfectly in order to leave with an absolute masterpiece!

Painting parties are also interactive! You are surrounded by your friends or family members, all working together to achieve a beautiful artwork with the help of the owner and artist! You can experience how your friends and family try different techniques in order to create their paintings, allowing for a fun competitive atmosphere, the creativity will be flowing!

Now, I know what you are thinking… I have never painted before! Not to worry! With us, we will ensure that you not only complete your artwork within the allotted party time, but you will have fun as well, learning how to paint with Best Painting Parties.

Untitled3We offer an array of options for you to choose from: 

Private Painting Parties at your home or business
Join a public event hosted at one of our partnering restaurants
Book a Private Event @ one of our partnering restaurants

To check out our calendar, with availability for private events as well as current public events, go to


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