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Does the thought of throwing a party make you very nervous? Are you concerned about choosing the perfect venue and having the right food and drinks so your guests will have a wonderful time? How about letting us organize that fun-filled, successful event for you? We will throw a painting party for your guests where you, yourself will also be a guest. All you need to do is choose the venue. It could be your own home or office or you could choose to hold it at our new Henderson studio. You could also choose from one of the restaurants and bars we partner with.


We will request you to select a painting from our extensive gallery that matches the theme and occasion of your party. All the arrangements, equipment for painting, food and drink will be completely taken care of and may we assure you that there are no hidden charges anywhere. Our painting parties are easy on the pocket so you need not worry about sky-high bills. Your guests will have a beautiful memento to remember your party by that they will proudly display at home. Afterwards, our team takes care of the clearing up for you. So, you see you can enjoy your own party as a guest.


Even as your friends, colleagues and family members enjoy the art lessons that are conducted as a part of your party, you need not be concerned about taking care to make sure all your guests are involved and having fun. Our owner and expert artist, Sarah Tiffany King along with her team of instructors are present to guide your guests through their creative efforts. Our professional instructors have been trained in the art of imparting painting lessons in simple easy-to-follow steps that your guests can pick up easily.


So, have a stimulating party where there will be lots of laughter, wine, great food and the opportunity to form new bonds and friendships. Contact us and let us tell you about all the exciting arrangements we can make for your party at Best Painting Parties.

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