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Painting parties are now emerging as an amazing form of having social events where everyone can let their hair down and simply have fun. If you are looking for new party ideas, join one of our many upcoming public painting parties being hosted all around Las Vegas and Henderson! When you join our social painting parties, we prepare everything for you! Just show up and order your favorite food and cocktails!

We have another piece of news for you. Our painting party guests have enjoyed our events so much that they have been continually asking us about the next event we are hosting. So here’s what we are doing. We have partnered with several venues and we hold public events where everyone interested in painting is welcome. No minimum number of artists, just visit our website here and choose the date and time that suits you! In this way, we have events several times every month. All you need to do is sign up with our email subscriber list and we will drop you a line with information about the next upcoming event. What’s more, our guests receive a 10% discount coupon for our public events when you join our VIP email list.

2015, a brand new year is coming up and what better way to welcome it than to organize a painting party. Think about ushering it in by developing a new creative skill and a fun hobby. Did you know that we also organize corporate events? And painting parties seem to enliven the atmosphere of the workplace by infusing camaraderie and a sense of team spirit. These parties actually help teammate’s better bond with each other, a quality that is very important when they need to work on major projects together.

We have also found that senior citizens love the theme of painting parties and find them to be a better alternative to the standard events. We hold events routinely at several senior living homes around Las Vegas and Henderson, and our seniors enjoy the parties we organize to meet and make friends with like-minded people of their own age group.

At Best Painting Parties we believe that being creative and having fun are the perfect partners. So, the next time you need to organize an event, check in with us and we will arrange for one for you. Choose a painting from our gallery, we will organize everything, provide all the supplies, and throw a fun-filled social get together.

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