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Team building has become synonymous with business success. Through team building, employees are molded to become a high performing group of individuals who are eager to work together for the benefit of the company. There are different team building activities available. Some involve out of town trips while others involve rigorous physical and mental training. If you are looking for an alternative, you should look into painting parties.

What is a painting party?
A Painting Party is a hip, creative and laid back event a group of individuals can attend together. You don’t need to have prior painting experience or any artistic skills to participate. The owner of Best Painting Parties, a renowned Fine Artist and professional art instructor will guide you through the artistic process of creating your own painting. At the end of the party, the artists will leave with a complete rendition of the painting of the night! Here are the benefits of attending painting parties:

Promotes Creativity
Other team building activities are geared towards physical and mental unity, leaving the creative side of the group in the shadows. With painting parties, you can spark the creativity of your team. Each member can individually show their artistic side and develop a creative and special piece of artwork.

Alleviate stress
Most team building activities pressure employees to outperform other teams, but this is not the case with painting parties. They can sit back and relax while creating their paintings in a fun and creative atmosphere. As a matter of fact, the relaxing environment can help co-workers who barely know each other find something in common to discuss and open up the lines of communication.

If you want your employees to experience attending a painting party, let Best Painting Parties be your host. We are a trusted, accomplished and professional provider of Las Vegas painting parties. For team building events, we can even bring the party to your office, or to one of our many partnering venues.  Call us today for details at 702-703-5456 or click here to contact us.

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