The Benefits of Painting Parties at Home

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Are you searching for a great way of hosting your friends and family for an event at your home? Have you attended one of our public painting parties and wondered if you could have one in your own home where the ambience is intimate and informal? Absolutely!! At Best Painting Parties, we enjoy organizing painting parties for you at your residence. You can have a painting party to mark any event; from the impending arrival of a baby with a baby shower, anniversary, birthday, a friend’s upcoming wedding with a bachelorette party to simply, a girls’ night out or a pajama party.


We understand that you may prefer having a painting party at home where the atmosphere is familiar and comfortable, and also economical. You could even combine it with a perhaps a potluck dinner where everyone can bring along a dish that they love to cook and eat. The best part? Your guests won’t have to worry about setting up a carpool to reach a venue you choose. What’s more, even the most reserved of your guests will be coaxed into having fun and mingling with the other guests in a familiar environment.


The painting sessions we organize typically last an hour and a half to two hours and we only need you to arrange for the tables and chairs and adequate space so everyone can sit and paint comfortably. We will also ask that you choose a painting from our extensive gallery of paintings that you adore to be the painting of the evening. The rest of the arrangements are all up to us to take care of.


We will arrive in time to set everything up before your guests begin to come in. We will also bring all the equipment needed for your painting party such as the canvases, easels, table covers, acrylic paints in stimulating colors, napkins, brushes and water cups. And we like to make sure you have no trouble clearing up afterwards. So, we’ll be helping you with that also. Did we mention that the supplies are all included in the charges you pay per guest? Even more, we have a professional projector and large screen so that we may have a large reference of the painting we will be creating together viewable by every guest, and a mic system so that everyone can hear the instructor, no matter how loud the music may be! J


We have a special instructor for you, the owner of our company, Sarah Tiffany King. An expert painter with impressive credentials under her belt, she will be present personally to assist and direct the creative efforts of your guests. They may be experienced painters or novices who have faced an easel for the first time, each will have an exciting self-created souvenir to take home as a memento of your painting party.


You need not be concerned if you have a large number of guests because at Best Painting Parties we can organize events for more than 100 guests at a time. If you need a more spacious party room, we can help you arrange one at one of the restaurants and partnering venues we are affiliated with.


Contact us today and lets discuss the perfect painting event you have in mind… Rest assured that when you choose Best Painting Parties, you will have a spectacular event!




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