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When you organize a painting party with us, we not only assist you with all the equipment you will need at the venue of your choice, we also offer you the exciting opportunity of choosing the painting you would like to reproduce at your event. We have an awesome Painting Gallery that includes an incredible choice of artwork that is suited for every kind of event, taste, skill level and age group. We have spent countless hours working to make it as user friendly and comprehensive as possible! Navigate our gallery with ease via many keywords to help direct you to the perfect painting. We also assist you in recreating some of the famous works of art produced by well-known artists such as Monet, Munch and Van Gogh. What’s more, we are constantly adding new creations to our collection to offer you a more varied selection.


Let’s give you a few examples. For instance, if you are organizing a special event for kids for a birthday party, you can choose a painting party theme that will appeal to them like maybe their favorite cartoon or fairy tale character. We have Cinderella, Maleficent, Ariel and a collection of basic cartoon figures that kids can easily manage. We are experts at making kids birthday parties absolutely amazing, and will keep the kids talking about the event for days! Are you having a bachelorette party for your best friend? Or maybe just a fun-filled girl’s night out? Choose from our special collection of paintings that match the theme perfectly. If you think your group of guests are wildlife lovers, we have lions, tigers, birds and many other beautiful creatures that you admire and wish to capture on canvas.


Similarly, when you choose Las Vegas Painting Parties with Best Painting Parties, you can first try your hand at some basic themes to pick up the painting techniques but as your skills develop, you can choose more advanced art to reproduce. We have portraits, landscapes, abstracts, nature and romance to name a scarce few. And like we mentioned, recreations of famous artists. Select the one that fires your imagination and with the expert instructions of our owner and top artist, Sarah Tiffany King, you will have soon given life to your own version. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


May we remind you that you can choose the painting of your liking at no extra cost whatsoever. So, contact us at Best Painting Parties and give wings to your creativity with your favorite work of art from our spectacular Painting Gallery.

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