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Do you have an upcoming event and need a great idea for an amazing time for your and your guests? Look no further. When you choose to work with Best Painting Parties, you are working with a local business that cares about each and every client, and event that we put on. At Best Painting Parties, we have the complete solution for you. Join us at our gorgeous Henderson Art Studio where you can enjoy expert Art instruction in a BYOB environment where you can bring your own drinks and enjoy an exciting painting party where the main theme will be art.

Also, you can choose one of our several partnering venues where you can enjoy our expert instruction, along with excellent food and drink options!


We will ask you to look through our fabulous gallery and choose a painting you absolutely love. You will be asked to gather your list of attendees, choose your ideal date and time for your event, and that’s it! All other arrangements will be taken care of without your having to lift a finger. That’s right. You are going to be a guest at your own wine and painting party!


When your guests arrive, they will be invited to take their places at the chairs and tables we have set up. We also have all the equipment in place such as paints, water, easels, canvases, brushes, napkins and everything else. As your guests sip wine and enjoy appetizers, our professional instructors will direct them to the first steps of initially sketching and later mixing colors and completing their artwork masterfully!


That’s when the fun begins. Some of your friends might have done this before, and then there will be others that are first timers. Enjoy the good-natured jokes and laughs while each artist creates their own rendition of the reference painting. There will be funny comments being thrown around; and well, sometimes adults like to let their hair down and get their hands and perhaps, a few noses colored too! That’s because painting and working with colors takes your mind off having to acting proper and keep up appearances. Colors have a calming effect too and at the end of the evening, all your friends and family will be telling you what a wonderful idea the wine and painting party was.


We organize private events around your schedule, based on availability of course. So, you only need to contact us at 702-703-5456 and talk to us about the day and time that suits you and your guest’s best. Trust us to help you throw a fantastic and truly memorable painting party event.

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