Ultimate Girls Night Out with a Painting Party

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Girls’ nights out events are essentially fun-filled dos where all the invitees get the opportunity to get together with other like-minded women and let their hair down. These events could be either the formal kind that are organized on a large scale by women’s clubs or the informal kind where friends meet up in an informal atmosphere to take a break from the regular rut of their everyday lives. While girls’ night can include the usual guest speakers on hair and makeup tips, fitness, healthy eating habits, counseling sessions, and many more, at Best Painting Parties, we have a very unique idea for you, that of organizing a painting party.


Spending some great, quality time with their girl friends allows women to relax and rejuvenate so that they can go back to their lives with a fresh perspective. Women can talk about girls-nightoutanything under the sun including issues regarding their life partners, kids, jobs and any others that are close to their hearts in a warm, non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere. And the painting classes we hold only adds to the relaxed ambience. We have partners in 7 venues where they offer drinks at happy hour prices even if you choose to hold your event at any other time.


While colors and paints have the ability to raise moods and calm the mind at our private painting parties, the wine and drinks you can order can further eliminate inhibitions so everyone can just have fun. It is common knowledge that spending time with other women can actually enhance their physical and emotional well-being. Your girlfriends can dress up in the favorite dresses and use their friends’ company to blow off steam about all the problems going on with them. Sometimes they’ll also get some sound advice that only women can give other women.


So, if you’re the one organizing the night out for the girls, a painting party is the best idea you can come up with. Contact us and we will assist you with all the arrangements from booking the venue to having available all the art supplies and equipment you and your guests will need. Then again, we will also have an expert instructor on site who will be helping your guests pick up the techniques. Have your ultimate girls night out with the girls by having the most fun yourself with Best Painting Parties!!

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